Nature's Market Wild Bird Seed - 1kg, 1.8kg, 3.6kg, 12.75kg & 20kg

Size: 1kg (BF10S)


Give a helping hand to the birds in your garden with this high-quality wild bird seed mix, main features include:

  • This is a complementary food for wild birds
  • This is a high energy source of food which is suitable for a whole range of native UK Wild birds 
  • Attracts a wide array of wild birds including Nuthatches, Jays, Finches, Siskin, Black Birds and Starlings
  • This bird food is suitable for use all year round
  • Ideally suited for use on a bird feeding table or in a seed or nut feeder
  • Bag sizes: 1kg, 1.8kg, 3.6kg, 12.75kg & 20kg
  • Food composition: Cereals, Seeds, Oils, Fats, Minerals and EC permitted Colourants  

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