Venture Lighting HIT/250W/HOR/DU/4.5K



Venture Lighting HIT/250W/HOR/DU/4.5K features:

  • White-Lux Plus® metal halide tubular upgrade lamps can be used to convert the yellow light of sodium in existing installations to clean white metal halide light or replace existing mercury lamps.
  • Operate on both SON and mercury ballasts.
  • Formed body arc tube for fast starting.
  • All lamps to be used in enclosed fittings and require ignitors.
  • Metal Halide Replacement for SON/HPL.
  • Suitable replacements or upgrades for existing SON or HPL lamps, giving a whiter light with better colour rendering.
  • Length: 225mm.
  • Life hours 10,000 hours.
  • Fitting: GES/E40.

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