Stanley FatMax Automatic Wire Strippers 203mm (8")



Stanley FatMax Automatic Wire Strippers 203mm (8") features:

  • Spring loaded Wire Stripping Plier strips inner and outer sheaths on wires and cables 0.2-6mm
  • The pliers have crimping capability and are colour coded for crimps on common insulated and non insulated terminals 1.5-6mm
  • They also have an integrated wire cutter
  • These wire stripping pliers have an adjustable stripping depth, with a slider that allows fast pre-setting of pre-determined strips 6-18mm
  • In addition, they allow an adjustable stripping force for strips on smaller cables
  • They have bi-material handles, allowing easy grip and the simple application of large forces needed for crimping and stripping
  • Stripping capacity: 0.2-6mm
  • Cutting capacity: 0-10mm
  • Stripping length: 6-10mm
  • Crimp capacity: 1.5-6mm

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