Q Max Sheet Metal Punch 25mm (1")

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Q Max Sheet Metal Punch 25mm features:

  • 25mm (1").
  • A quick and easy way to cut clean metric sized holes in sheet metal up to 16 gauge.
  • The special design allows even load during cutting and produces a burr free hole that needs no extra finishing.
  • Heat treated cutting edges with black anti-corrosive surface finish to prevent rusting.
  • All punches are sold singly without key, which should be ordered separately.
  • Thread the punch onto the hexagonal screw and then pass the hexagonal screw through the hole.
  • Position the die on top of the die nut and then screw the die nut onto the projecting hexagonal screw until it touches the metal sheet.
  • Use a hexagonal key to turn the hexagonal screw.
  • The screw will pull the punch through the metal and a hole will result.

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