Pine Tongue & Groove Cladding (W) 95mm x (D) 9mm - 4 inch x 3/8 inch - TM493 (LOCAL PICKUP / DELIVERY ONLY)

Size: 0.3m (1 foot)


Pine Tongue & Groove Cladding features:

  • Manufactured from high quality pine.
  • Tongue & Groove to slot into each board.
  • Chamfer on each edge of the board to create a V between boards.
  • Smooth finish.
  • Easy to work with, using pins, screws or adhesive.
  • To finish off pine, lightly sand before applying wood stain, varnish or a lacquer
  • 95mm x 9mm is the finished dimensions.
  • Ideal for internal or exterior cladding.

Size options available:

  • Per 0.3m (1 foot)
  • Per 2.4m (8 foot)

If you require lengths cut to bespoke measurements then please make sure you specify this at the checkout. All timber bought from our store qualifies for our free cutting service.

Please note that a full length is 2.4m / 8 foot long so any pieces cut will be used from this length size. 


If you need 1.5m then select 0.3m five times and add to cart.

If you need 2 pieces both 1.5m then select 1 x 2.4m , 2 x 0.3m and specify 2 x 1.5m at the checkout.

Pine Cladding is only available for in store pick up or local delivery. Contact us for larger orders as we will be able to offer a bulk discount.

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