Pine Door Strip / Weather Bar 56mm x 34mm x 1800mm TM813 (LOCAL PICKUP / DELIVERY ONLY)

Size: 0.3m (1 foot)


Pine Door Strip / Weather Bar features:

  • 56mm x 34mm x 1800mm (2 1/4" x 1 1/2" x 72")
  • Available to bespoke measurements or per foot.
  • Excellent solution to bridge the gap between the lipping of a door and a threshold. The door drip has specially designed grooves and holes to protect against water damage.
  • Has a curved, rounded profile which adds decoration as well as functionality.
  • Pine can be easily installed using adhesive, screws or pins.
  • Door drips go well with doors of a similar or exact timber and finish for a consistent look.
  • All of our mouldings are made to exact measures under strict quality guidelines.
  • To finish off pine, lightly sand before applying wood stain, varnish or a lacquer.

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