Nature's Market Insect / Bee Hotel (HOTEL5)



Nature's Market Insect Hotel features:

  • Attractive wooden insect and bee hotel.
  • Made from natural wood painted in gloss grey, decorated with pine cones.
  • Ensure the hotel is fixed securely at least one metre off of the ground. Ideally placed in full sun facing south or south easterly.
  • Maintenance - Inspect your box every six months and remove any debris or rotten material where necessary to keep it clean and more attractive to insects. This will prevent mould and mites. 
  • Grow plants in your garden which provide nectar and pollen to provide a food source t your insects.
  • Dimensions: H29 x W25 x D8.5cm.
  • 3 compartments to provide different areas of shelter for different insects.
  • Help our pollinators! This provides the perfect place for insects and bees to shelter throughout the year.
  • Solitary bees and wasps will shelter and lay their eggs within the hotel to raise.
  • Help provide a place for our declining pollinators and boost their numbers.

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