Loctite - Super Glue Liquid Formula Universal Instant Strength - 1 x 3g, 3 x 1g or 2 x 3g

Size: 3 x 1g


Loctite Super Glue provides fast, strong & durable solutions for everyday glueing tasks as home. Its guaranteed results make Loctite a leading brand for consumers & industries. Main features include: 

  • Water & dishwasher resistant
  • Shock resistant
  • Temperature resistant (from -50 decrees C to up to 120 degrees C) 
  • Forms a strong and reliable bond within seconds
  • Suitable for most common materials
  • Transparent for invisible bonds
  • Solvent-free

Size options available:

  • 1 x 3g
  • 3 x 1g
  • 2 x 3g

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