Handmade Insect House/ Bee Hotel

Size: Large (Rectangle)


Here at Daymans we handcraft a range of our own furniture and other outdoor items.

These are our Insect House/ Bee Hotels.

We all know how important insects and bees are to our gardens and the world ecosystem as a whole. The natural habitats of these creatures are constantly being eroded and taken away and so it's always important to try to help out our little friends as much as possible. Insect Houses are a great way to do this as they are specially made habitats that have been specifically designed to help out the UK bug and bee population. 

Constructed from pine & bamboo our habitats have been primarily designed to be used by solitary and non-aggressive bees (such as Mason or Leafcutter bees - both great garden pollinators who will help your garden plants and flowers) but are suitable for, and will attract, a whole range of other bugs and insects.

The strong roof and solid timber construction also give excellent insulation over winter for other small garden critters (such as Ladybirds and lacewings). Our bug hotels are finished in a brown wood preserver and can be easily mounted on to trees, walls, fences or sheds or can be left free-standing.  

We currently sell two sizes of insect house:

  • Large (Rectangle) - Size: d: 80mm (3") h:200 mm (8") l: 360 mm (14")
  • Small (Triangle)  - Size: d: 100 mm (4") h: 280 mm (11") l: 230 mm (9")

(*Please note that these sizes are approximations, as these are handcrafted products there will be differences in each product)

Our Insect/ Bee Hotels feature:

  • Rustic design & finish
  • Handcrafted, from scratch, in-store at Daymans 
  • Finished with an oil-based brown wood preserver to give your item increased protection from the elements and a longer lifespan 
  • Can be used in a whole range of outdoor situations (can be mounted onto trees, fences or sheds, or left free-standing) 
  • The design includes a mounting plate for easy installation
  • Constructed from pine wood and cut bamboo
  • Please note that all of our Insect/ Bee Hotels are made in-store - if you are looking for a specific size (which differs from the size above) or would like your item finished differently, please send us an email letting us know what your specifications are, and we will do our best to make your new Bee Hotel to your specifications 

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