Handmade Wooden Garden Apple Feeder For Birds

Type: Single


Handmade Wooden Garden Apple Feeder For Birds

These make great additions to your garden whether its aesthetically and to help keep our native birds fed. Birds love feeding on apples and other fruit which this is ideal for. Simply use the metal skewer to hold the food in place for them to peck at.

Due to its size this is suited for smaller birds and the feeder is designed so these smaller native birds can perch comfortably without being driven out by the big chaps.

All feeders are handmade in our workshop and therefore measurements will differ.
Approximate size is: H 23cm x W 18cm x D 9cm

These are provided without a stain and can be placed in the garden as they are or if you stain / seal them then this will preserve them for longer from the elements.

Each piece has a metal eye screwed into the top which you can then hang off of tree with wire / string or this can rest on a screw or a nail.

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