Handmade Wooden Bat Box / Bat House



Handmade Wooden Bat Box / Bat House features:

  • Handmade by us in our workshop.
  • Provide your local bats with a place to roost to help their numbers.
  • Habitat loss is the number one cause of there numbers being threatened.
  • The wood is unplaned which makes it perfect for the bats to cling to.
  • Small opening to prevent birds or other predators gaining access to the box.
  • Small chamber designed with Common Pipistrelle bats in mind which are the UK's most common bat. 
  • A small chamber in the bat box means that the bats can regulate their body temperature better as they sleep.
  • The bat box comes with a fixed mirror plate so this can be easily mounted to a building or tree. 
  • You should install your bat box at least 5m or higher from the ground and ensure there is a clear flight path to the box.
  • Sheltered positions are preferable and south facing.
  • You can place multiple bat boxes on a single feature but make sure they face in different directions.
  • Approximate Metric Dimensions: (H) 32cm x (W) 15cm x (D) 10cm.
  • Approximate Imperial Dimensions: (H) 12" x (W) 6" x (D) 4".
  • If you would like a large volume of boxes then please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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