Handmade Heavy Duty Wooden Squirrel Feeder



Handmade Heavy Duty Squirrel Feeder features:

  • Handmade by us in our workshop.
  • Made from solid timber.
  • Hinged lid which squirrels quickly learn to lift up the lid to gain access to their food.
  • Clear perspex front so you and squirrels can see how much food is left in the feeder.
  • Perfect to be filled with nuts for the squirrels to feed on.
  • Each feeder is fitted with a mirror plate to make it easy to mount in your chosen spot.
  • Feeder comes fully assembled.
  • Approximate Metric Dimensions: (H) 25cm x (W) 19cm x (D) 23cm.
  • Approximate Imperial Dimensions: (H) 10" x (W) 7.5" x (D) 9".

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