Handmade Wooden Open Fronted Bird Box

Type: Treated - Softwood


Handmade By Us Wooden Open Fronted Bird Box features:

  • Handmade by us in our workshop.
  • 2 options available:
  • Untreated Box made from Plywood - H 20cm x W 15cm x D 20cm.
  • Treated Box made from softwood timber - H 22cm x W 19cm x D 16cm.
  • Please note every box is made by hand and therefore measurements may differ slightly from specified.
  • 45mm - 50mm opening ideal for Robins, Starlings, Pie Wagtails & Woodpeckers.
  • Mirror plate fixed to back of box for easy installation.
  • Can be fixed to walls, trees, sheds, etc.


  • Ideally face the box between north and east which will avoid strong sunlight and the wettest winds.
  • Ensure their is a clear flight path to the box excluding for Robins.
  • Boxes are best installed in the autumn as many birds will enter nest over winter and will often use the same box in the following spring.
  • Use a single screw or nail to hold the box in place we recommend at least 1 1/2" (37mm) if you have sufficient material to fix into.
  • You can also tie up your box if nailing or screwing is unsuitable. Use either an old piece of hosepipe or garden wire.
  • Installation height for Robins - Below 2m and well hidden within vegetation.
  • Installation height for Spotted fly catchers - Between 2-4m.
  • Installation height for Woodpeckers - Between 3-5m on a tree trunk.
  • Installation height for Pie Wagtails - 2-5m.

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