FSI Pyropro HPE High Pressure Exerting Fire Resistant & Acoustic

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FSI Pyropro HPE High Pressure Exerting Fire Resistant & Acoustic

All brand new and still in boxes. 2 boxes of Black available and 2 Boxes of White available.

Pyropro HPE Sealant is a water based, acrylic sealant utilising a reactive formula that has intumescent properties to reinstate the fire resistance performance of wall and floor constructions where the penetrations of single or multiple services are present.

Pyropro HPE Sealant expands upon contact with heat, the high-pressure reactive process ensures that the material will expand up to 20 times under an expansion pressure of 7 bar. The sealant is gunned or trowelled into the annular space in or between the separating elements to a specific depth in order to maintain the fire resistance of the construction in the event of a fire.

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