Faithfull Quality Tools - Carpenters Pencil Set



This Faithfull Quality Tools Carpenter's Pencil Set contains 12 medium pencils, a retractable pencil holder and a pencil sharpener.

Further features include: 

  • Almost any material can be marked out with these carpenter's pencils (with the exception of some metals and polished or glazed surfaces)
  • The pencil leaves a clear visible line irrespective of material or grain
  • The retractable pencil holder keeps your pencil safe and close at hand
  • Let go of the pencil and the automatically retracting 850mm cord will pull the pencil back to its safe and ready-to-use home position
  • The belt clip can easily be attached to a belt, shirt collar or pocket
  • Also included is a specially shaped pencil sharpener for use with rectangular carpenter's pencils, as well as ordinary hexagonal and round pencils

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