Everbuild Sealant Masking System



Everbuild Sealant Masking System features:

  • Silicone sealant is the most commonly used product for sealing corners on tiled areas, around showers, baths & basins, around worktops, wall & floor joints, door & window frames.

  • However, the application of silicone sealant usually requires a relatively high level of skill to achieve a consistent quality of finish. If applied incorrectly the joint will look poor and waterproofing may be compromised.

  • The New Sealant Masking System is a dispenser and micro-fine foil masking tape which enables both Tradesmen and DIY'ers to achieve a perfectly finished joint every time, without any level of skill, eliminating both mess and wastage.

  • The unique dispenser, which has a patent pending, allows the joint width to be adjusted using the outer wheel of the product , both of these outer sides move simultaneously so that when applied the tape is positioned offset from the wall by the chosen number of millimetres.

  • There are six joint size options ranging from 4mm to 9mm (in 1mm increments).

  • Once the joint size has been selected it is easy to run the dispenser down one side of the corner joint, nipping off the tape when the bottom is reached, with the handy cutting blade built into the dispenser.

  • The same is then repeated on the adjoining wall to create the parallel lines to apply the sealant.

  • Once this has been done, the Smooth-Out Tool should be used to smooth down the joint before the tape is pulled off leaving The Perfect Seal Everytime.

  • The Seal Rite Dispenser comes already loaded with 20 metres of Seal Rite Masking Tape, enough to mask 10 linear metres.

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