Everbuild - Aqua Mate - Aquarium Sealant - 295 ml



Everflex Aqua Mate Aquarium Sealant is a high modulus acetoxy cure, 100% silicone sealant & adhesive designed specifically for use on aquariums. With a 100% fish safe formula, the waterproof seal will withstand continuous water immersion over a long period of time once cured. 


  • 100% fish safe formula
  • Free from fungicide 
  • Fast cure – cures quickly to give a strong & lasting bond 
  • Extremely low dirt pick up
  • Remains permanently flexible, forming a watertight seal
  • Suitable for all sealing applications in aquaria
  • Suitable for sealing of pond liners & all supply/drainage piping
  • Meets ISO11600 G25HM performance

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