Woodside - Energy Saving Door and Window Draught Seal - P Section - 5 metre - White & Brown

Size: Brown


Draught seal is used to eliminate cold draughts and slow heat loss. It is placed in the gaps around doors and windows to minimise the cold air entering your home or workplace.

Features include:

  • Manufactured from EPDM Rubber which compresses and expands in order to fill gaps from 1.5mm to 3mm
  • 5 metres in length - this is sufficient for 1 door - 1.23m (4'4") x 56cm (1'10") or up to 2 windows - 80cm (2'8") x 60cm (2')
  • Width: 8mm (3/8")
  • Self-adhesive backing
  • Quick and simple to use - simply peel off the backing and stick on the door or window rebate
  • Helps to reduce overall heat loss from your property and keep the cost of energy bills down 
  • P Section refers to the shape of the rubber seal as it is similar to the shape of the letter P 

Available in 2 colours: 

  • Brown
  • White

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