eMagnets Hand Held Magnetic Sweeper

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eMagnets Hand Held Magnetic Sweeper features:

  • Hand Held Magnetic Sweepers provide the perfect solution to the problem of clearing small ferrous metal objects, such as nails, tacks, nuts, bolts, paperclips and metal shavings from a workshop or garage floor to leave the floor area clean and tidy.
  • Farriers and horse owners also use the Hand Held Magnetic Sweeper for removing nails and other metal objects from bedding and courtyards, reducing the risk of foot injuries to the horse. It is also sometimes called a magnetic broom.
  • The sweeper is of stainless steel construction, fitted with two large robust rubber wheels with puncture proof-tyres.
  • The long tubular steel handle can be removed for transportation.
  • The handle also contains the release mechanism for allowing collected debris to be dropped into a bin with a simple pull of the mechanism.
  • Fully extended height 1100mm.
  • Length 100mm.
  • Width 400mm.
  • The width of the magnetic head itself is 350mm with the magnet system inside capable of lifting up to 5kgs of metal debris.

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