Einhell Cordless Power X-Change Multi-Tool 18V Bare Unit & Accessories



Einhell Cordless Power X-Change Multi-Tool 18V Bare Unit features:

  • Flexible, high-quality helper for extension and renovation jobs.
  • Speed electronics enables the tool to be adjusted to the particular material and application.
  • Designed for safe, ergonomic operation, fitted with a soft grip and an oscillation decoupled battery uptake for reduction of vibration.
  • The quick-release helps you to change accessories without additional tools.
  • With magnetic tool fixation for getting the tool ready quickly.
  • The 12-pin tool fixation enables flexible positioning of equipment.
  • Supplied with:
  • 1 x Triangular Grinding/Sanding Plate.
  • 9 x Grinding/Sanding Paper (3 x P60, 3 x P80, 3 x P120).
  • 1 x Scraper.
  • 1 x HCS Plunge-Cut Saw Blade for Wood and Plastic.
  • 1 x BIM Plunge-Cut Saw Blade for Metal.
  • 1 x HSS Segment Saw Blade for Wood, Plastic and Soft Metal.
  • 1 x Diamond Segment Saw Blade for Tile Joints.

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