Easyfix - Filmglaze - Cost Effective Double Glazing - Small (1.8m²), Medium (4.5m²) & Large (9m²) packs

Size: Small - 1.8m² - (1.5m x 1.2m/ 4'11" x 3'11")


Filmglaze is an easy to install secondary glazing system that uses a special thermal film as an insulator instead of a glass or plastic glazing sheet. 

Features include:

  • The thermal film is made from a flexible plastic which will shrink when heated
  • Packs contain: Thermal film, double-sided sticky tape and surface preparation wipes
  • This pack contain everything you will need to install your window glaze with the exception of a sharp knife and a hairdryer
  • Quick and simple to use - simply use the double-sided sticky tape to position the thermal film and then use a hairdryer to carefully heat the area - full instructions are provided
  • Helps to reduce overall heat loss from your property and keep the cost of energy bills down

Sizes available:

  • Small - 1.8m² - (1.5m x 1.2m/ 4'11" x 3'11")
  • Medium - 4.5m² -  (1.5m x 3m/ 4'11" x 9'10")
  • Large - 9m² - (1.5m x 6m/ 4'11" x 19'8")

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