Dylon Multi-Purpose Fabric Dyes & Cold Water Dyes (Tin)

Type: 1 - Indian Corn


Dylon Multi-Purpose Fabric Dyes features:

  • Please note the dye comes in a small tin.
  • Dylon has discontinued this product.
  • Dylon® Multi Purpose Clothes Fabric Dye & Tints.
  • Each pack dyes 200-250g of material (depending on material).
  • Dyes nylon, bri-nylon, perlon, cotton, linen, silk, viscose, rayon and wool (1 tin for 1/2lb or 250g material).
  • For polyester 3 tins for 1/2lb or 250g material.
  • Gives a permanent colour which will not wash out or fade.
  • Not suitable for acyrlics.
  • Great for home dyeing and tie dye / patterns.
  • New and sealed - due to being in storage there may be imperfections on the packaging but this will not affect the product. 

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