Dremel EZ pieces, Cutting Wheels, Polishing, Drill bits, Diamond cutting wheel

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Title: 511S
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Dremel pieces feature:

  • SC409 – 38mm metal cutting disc, 0.75mm thick

  • 511S – Finishing abrasive Buffs 180 & 280 grit – for cleaning and light sanding glass, wood, metal & plastic

  • 952 – aluminium oxide 9.5mm grinding stone – for grinding metal and other materials

  • SC545 – Diamond cutting wheel – for cutting tiles and other hard materials such as marble, concrete, brick and more

  • SC476 – Plastic cutting wheel – 38mm

  • 442 – Carbon steel 13mm brushes – for removing rust, corrosion and polishing metal surfaces.

  • 9903 – Tungsten carbide cutter pointed tup 3.2mm – for engraving / carving – Metal, wood, plastic, ceramic

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