Calor Gas - Propane Gas Cylinder (LOCAL PICKUP / DELIVERY ONLY)

Size: 3.9kg - Cylinder Refill/Exchange


Calor Gas Propane Cylinder Refill and New Bottle Service. 

Bring in your empty Propane Calor Gas cylinder and we will exchange it for a full one or if you order for delivery then we can swap over your cylinder on delivery.

If you DO NOT have an empty cylinder there is an added charge of £49.99 (for cylinders of up to 13 kg) or £69.99 (for the 13 & 19 kg cylinders) for a new Calor Gas Propane cylinder. Please ensure you select both the refill and the new bottle when ordering.

In the home, propane is often used for heating and cooking by powering appliances such as stoves, barbeques, water heaters, heaters and clothes dryers.

Propane is a form of LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas), which comes from natural gas processing and oil refining. With a low boiling point of -42°C, propane isn’t affected by the cold conditions in the U.K and is therefore perfectly suited for outdoor use.

Propane is ideal for heating as it is efficient and produces more energy per cubic metre than other forms of fuel. Additionally, propane is a cleaner burner than other fossil fuels and doesn’t contaminate groundwater or soil.

    Propane is supplied in cylinders ranging in size from 3.9kg to 19kg,
    Size options available:

    • 3.9kg
    • 6kg
    • 13kg
    • 19kg

      This item is only available for in-store pickup and local delivery only.

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