Aluminium Thumb Turn with Deadbolt (1 set) - 50mm (2") (S3035)



A thumb turn bolt is fitted directly below the door handle or doorknob, when the thumb turn is rotated it throws a deadbolt, locking the door. A thumb turn deadbolt can be fitted to any door where privacy is required, but the most common application for this type of lock is on a toilet or bathroom door.

This lock set features:

  • Manufactured from aluminium for strength and durability
  • Full set includes 5 pieces as well as necessary fixtures & fittings, although for installation you may require further tools such as a drill and screwdriver
  • Once installed you will have a display panel showing red or green to indicate whether the room is in use or not
  • Lock and Display Panel diameter: 50 mm / 2"
  • Locking Mechanism Face dimensions: L25mm (1") x W3mm (1/8") x H60mm (2 1/4")
  • Locking Mechanism dimensions: L80mm (3") x W15mm (1/2") x H20mm (3/4")
  • Ideal for use in a toilet or bathroom 


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