Alphachem - Universal Wood Worm & Dry Rot Killer Plus - 1, 2.5 & 5 litres

Size: 2.5 litres


 Cromar's Alphachem Universal Dry Rot & Woodworm Killer+ is a solvent-borne product based on low viscosity linseed oil which can be used to protect construction timbers against attack by woodworm, as well as giving full fungal protection. 

Further features include: 

  • It contains active ingredients effective against wood-destroying fungi, wood-discolouring fungi (blue stain) & wood-boring insects
  • It's specially designed formula penetrates easily into wood & thereby gets deep into inner layers ensuring a deep-down clean
  • It is moisture regulating & provides an adhesive surface for subsequent with finishing paints (top coats)
  • Odourless once dried


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