Alphachem Heavy Duty Sealant/ Silicone/ Caulking Gun



A Sealant/ Silicone/ Caulking Gun is a tool which has been specially designed to be used with standard-sized tubes or cartridges of caulk, silicone or other sealants.
Main features include: 

  • Specifically designed for use with any standard sized cartridges
  • Quick & easy to use design - just attach cartridge & you're ready to go
  • Sturdy metal construction for added strength & durability
  • Lightweight design is perfect for prolonged use, or for use at a whole range of angles 
  • Release trigger - stops sealant from dripping or being wasted 
  • This heavy-duty design has a more sturdy & robust construction than the non-heavy duty version for added durability & tool lifespan 

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