Abus - Titalium Marine 90RK



This Abus Titalium Padlock has a solid lock body made from titalium and a stainless steel shackle and features: 

  • Marine grade padlock which offers the maximum corrosion resistance. The rust-free internal components offer durable security with the closed shackle offering additional protection.
  • It has a 6-pin tumbler cylinder with anti-pick mushroom pins to help resist picking and the rekeyable mechanism allows locks to be changed to new key.
  • It has a closed shackle that features an integral shackle guard to protect the shackle from attack with tools. It is supplied carded and has the following specification:
    • ABUS Security Level: 8.
    • Shackle Width: 20mm.
    • Shackle Height: 22.5mm.
    • Shackle Diameter: 9.5mm.
    • Overall Width: 50mm.
    • Overall Height: 81mm.
    • Overall Depth: 23mm.

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