Abus Titalium 64TL/40mm Padlock - 4 pack



Abus Titalium 64TL/ 40 features:

  • 4 pack.
  • Ideal for medium to high risk of theft, recommended for a wide range of security requirements.
  • All models in this series have a paracentric keyway and chrome plated cylinder cores.
  • Hardened steel shackle, 30mm and above, with NANO PROTECT™ shackle coating which assures security and high corrosion resistance.
  • TITALIUM™ is based on a special aluminium alloy, a mixture of materials is created that is extremely durable and lightweight; similar to the process used in aircraft construction.
  • Compared to classic brass padlocks, the locks in the TITALIUM™ series are around 30% lighter but feature the same level of security making them excellent value for money.
  • Shackle Width: 22mm.
  • Shackle Height: 23mm.
  • Shackle Diameter: 6mm.
  • Overall Width: 40mm.
  • Overall Height: 62mm.
  • Overall Depth: 15mm.

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