802-10 PlusGas Dismantling Lubricant Aerosol - 400ml

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802-10 PlusGas Dismantling Lubricant Aerosol 400ml features:

  • PlusGas Formula A Fast Release is no ordinary penetrating oil.
  • It is faster, safer and more powerful than any other dismantling lubricant.
  • It is used by mechanics, engineers, builders, plumbers, locksmiths and DIY enthusiasts.
  • Uses include:

  • Tool cleaner/maintainer.
  • Lawn mower cleaner.
  • Rust/corrosion Prevention agent.
  • Lubricant to aid screw and bolt assembly.
  • Cleans grease build-up and leaves protective film.
  • Temporary lubricant (oil rather than grease).
  • Reduces squeaks and rattles on machinery.
  • Displaces moisture.
  • Helps prevent re-seizing of treated parts.
  • Pre-treatment of equipment to be stored (will need degreasing prior to use).

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