The Fourth Generation Joins Daymans DIY Full Time

Hello, thanks for stopping by.

The last year has seen a huge shakeup in our lives as we know it. We are one of the lucky businesses where the pandemic has had a positive effect on our business. We hope that we have had a positive impact on our local community as well. This has seen the introduction of our website which has transformed our business compared with before.

Adam and Olivia, Steve's children, have been supporting the business throughout the last year of the construction and running of the website alongside other employment. 

Adam will now be joining the business full time which we are very excited about. Steve and Adam will head up the business with support from Olivia and the rest of the team. This is an exciting time for the business and a good time for some young blood to join the business to carry on the family name and tradition. 

Adam will work a split from home and in store and will be focussing on website, new products and business improvement. We want to make sure that we make our shop as accessible for our lovely customers. So we will be trying lots of new ideas and processes. We welcome any feedback or suggestions from you all no matter how small as we are here for you!

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