Planed Timber Now Available Online

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This week we have been busy placing our planed pine timber range online. This is an extensive range of top quality timber from our trusted supplier.

We want you to be able to order what you need not the whole tree just as you are able to in store. All of our timber comes in 2.4m (8 foot) lengths but if you don't need a full length then you are able to buy it per 0.3m (1 foot). This will save you money and also cut down on waste.

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How does it work?

Measure up what you need and know the length, width and depth of timber you need.

Example 0.5m

Then if you need 0.5m (20 inches) of timber select 0.3m x 2. Then at the checkout detail you need 1 piece 0.5m long. Any leftover timber outside of the measurements will be kept in store unless specified otherwise.     

Example 3m

If you needed 2 lengths at 1.5m (5 foot) Select 1 x 2.4m length and 2 x 0.3m length. Then at the checkout specify 2 lengths at 1.5m long.

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or we can put an order together for you and email it to you.

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