Introducing The Sunflower Challenge

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We are extremely excited to introduce the Daymans DIY Sunflower Challenge!

Sunflowers are a fantastic plant which are great for wildlife, easy to grow and can be grown in a container or outside in the ground. They can reach some great heights on your patio or in your garden. 

Our activity sheet details how to grow your sunflower and also a table for you to document your sunflower journey.

We have made an activity sheet for you to complete along your sunflower journey. This sheet will be provided with every pack of sunflower seeds bought from us. This is a challenge for all ages not just for the kids, why should they have all the fun!

If you happen to already have your seeds then don't worry you can still take part! All you have to do is order an activity sheet from our website, don't worry it wont cost you a penny! 

Once you have ordered one of our activity sheets we will email this over to you. 

Once your have completed your sheet send this and a picture to us. Everyone who enters will receive a prize and whoever grows the tallest sunflower will win a special prize! The challenge will end on 01/10/21.

We want to see how you are all doing along the way so you can send your pictures to us or use our hashtag #DaymansDIYsunflowerchallenge

Share your pictures to:

Facebook: DaymansDIY

Instagram: @DaymansDIY


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