Five Essentials To Grow Your Own

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We are excited to announce that we have introduced a new range of 121 varieties of seeds. These are a mixture of perrenials, biennials and annuals. We often get asked what these mean so wanted to let you know and its pretty easy to remember:

Annuals - Last for 1 growing season

Biennials - Last for 2 growing seasons

Perennials - Last for multiple growing seasons

We have vegetables, fruit, flowers and more ready for you. Anyone can grow their own whether you have green fingers or not. This year we are championing growing your own to keep you busy throughout lockdown. You also don't need much room, you can use a windowsill or any outdoor space.

So what will you need?

To be successful at growing your own you need just 5 ingredients.

1. Seeds - Select your seeds depending on whether you want to grow flowers, brighten up a space or help the insects. If you want more from growing your own then try fruit and veg seeds. 

2. Compost - Any multi purpose compost will be perfect to give your seeds a good base to grow in. If you want to you can add fertilisers or nutrients depending on what you're growing.

3. Pots and Trays - You can plant your seeds into seed trays and then once the shoots are big enough transplant these into individual pots, or if you don't have much space then go straight for a pot. The smaller the pot the better to start seeds because you wont need as much water to keep the soil moist. We have a range of biodegradable and plastic pots which will get you started.

4. Water - You can collect your own in an outdoor space from a water butt or container or water from the tap, either will do the job. The key thing is not to over water your seeds. You want your soil to be moist, a good way to test is to put your finger on the top of the soil if a little bit of the soil sticks to your finger you've got it right.

5. Sun - Depending on what you will plant will depend on how much sun your seeds will need but try and pick a spot that catches the sun for a section of the day.

For all of your Grow Your Own Essentials we have everything you need.

Daymans DIY top tip for beginners! - If you have never grown anything before we recommend starting with sunflowers. These are a great starter seed and easy to grow for you and the kids. They also provide colour and are good for the insects.

If you have any tips or questions pop us a comment below and we will get back to you.

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