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We are pleased to announce this week a new product "Beebombs" hitting our shelves. Beebombs are a fantastic way to help our bee population which is sadly in decline. Beebombs will add an explosion of colour to your garden which will help our native wildlife with minimum effort. 

What Are Beebombs?

Each pack of Beebombs contains clay pellets containing hundreds of seeds and 18 species of wildflowers. The seeds are mixed with clay powder and locally sourced, unfortified soil. The clay supports and protects the seeds whilst they germinate and spreads them as it breaks down under watering. 

How Do I Use My Beebombs?

Just throw your Beebombs onto cleared soil and await the blossom of colour and return of native bee and butterfly species. Cleared soil is always better as wildflowers tend to grow slower compared with grasses and weeds. Beebombs can be scattered throughout the year, the clay protects them until they are ready to germinate. Once you have scattered the Beebombs just give them plenty of water and wait for them to grow.

Where Can I Use My Beebombs?

One pack of Beebombs, covers 21 square feet or 2 square metres of cleared soil or if you don't have this space then stick them in a pot or planter. A minimum of 25cm pot is recommended.

Why Use Beebombs?

97% of native British Wildflower habitat has been lost since World War 2. This habitat is crucial for bees and other pollinator species. Pollinator species are vital for food crops and maintaining a healthy ecosystem. Using Beebombs means you can re-create lost habitat to help local pollinators and help your local bees. 

So if you want to help save the bees then follow this link. To get your Beebombs today and grow your wildflower area in your garden or outdoor space.

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