Zero In - Dual Action Gel Ant Bait - 2 Bait Stations



These Zero In "honey" based Dual Action Ant Bait provides a proven bait with an insecticide that ants take back to their nest and share with other ants, larvae and the queen to destroy the entire colony and features:

  • Two pre-filled bait stations to destroy ants and their nests.
  • Ready to use.
  • Enclosed bait, protects children and pets.
  • Contains Sumithrin.
  • Directions for use:
    • Place bait station on an even surface near ants nest, trails or where ants access the room that is protected from moisture.
    • To activate the bait station simply break the exposed tab and remove it from the side of the ant bait. Apply the product away from sunlight or heat sources.
    • The product should not be reused or recycled. 

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