Universal Fixing Plug - 25 pack - M6, M8 & M10

Size: M6 x 38 mm (Drill Size: 6 mm)


Forgefix Universal Fixing Plugs feature:
  • Each plug features multi-action grips, expanding barrels, barbed jaws & anti-rotate ribs
  • Specially designed for use with lightweight block work, aerated hollow block & plasterboard
  • Suitable for fixing all manner of lightweight fixtures such as shelving, batons, brackets and many other applications 
  • Pack of 25 Beige Fixings 

Sizes available:

  • M6 x 38 mm (Drill Size: 6 mm)
  • M8 x 51 mm (Drill Size: 8 mm)
  • M10 x 61 mm (Drill Size: 10 mm)

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