Solvite - All Purpose Wallpaper Adhesive - 68g & 138g

Size: 68 g


Solvite All Purpose Wallpaper Adhesive is extra strong for reliable, long-lasting results and features:

  • The extra strong formula which is smooth & lump-free 
  • Fast 20-second mix & ready to use in under 2 minutes
  • Solvite is very versatile & can be used for hanging washables, vinyl, lining paper and embossed wallpaper
  • Protects while drying – the formula contains a fungicide to protect the adhesive during the drying process
  • Can be used over fillers & putties once dry

Size options available:

  • 68g pack will hang up to 4.5 rolls of wallpaper
  • 138g pack will hang up to 7.5 rolls of wallpaper


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