Nenetol Fluid 40ml

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Nenetol Fluid 40ml features:

  • 40ml
  • You have washed and polished your classic car ready for the show at the weekend, but by the time it is in position it's covered with dust and finger marks again.

  • Now is the perfect time to bring out Nenette!

  • Nenette soft mop is impregnated with a liquid called Nenetol, which enables it to absorb surface dirt and dust and leave a highly polished surface. After several uses the mop can easily be cleaned and re-impregnated.

  • Apply to your Nenette Brush and simply wipe over your car, boat, caravan, furniture and all other hard surfaces for a superb clean and polish job.

    This is extra Nenetol Fluid for Nenette Soft Mop.


    - The accumulation of dust in the cotton fringe does not detract from the effectiveness of the Nenette. It can be used as long as the fringe remains impregnated with liquid polish. When it has become dry it is recommended to wash it and re-soak with Nenetol liquid.

    - Remove the sleeve from the handle.

    - Wash the cotton fringe – Pre-soak for a few hours is if the fringe is very dirty.

    - Dry the sleeve and fringe completely.

    - Replace the sleeve onto the handle.

    - Pour the contents of a Nenetol bottle into a flat container.

    - Place the Nenette into the flat container so that the fringe soaks up as much liquid as possible.  Move it around to ensure an even coverage.

    - Remove the Nenette from the flat container and place in the metal storage tube for a few hours before using again to completely disseminate the Nenetol liquid.

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