Maxicrop - Extract of Seaweed Organic Lawn Fertiliser - 1L



This organic lawn natural fertiliser makes your lawns beautiful and healthy for kids and pets and features:

  • Natural Fertiliser made from plant extracts and seaweed.
  • No animal products are used.
  • The seaweed stimulates beneficial soil microbes, which results in an improved root system to take up more soil nutrients and water. 
  • Seaweed also helps to keep leaves greener, with more chlorophyll, to improve the use of sunlight energy for carbohydrate production.
  • Together with the balanced natural fertiliser from plant extracts, this makes your lawns beautiful and healthy for kids and pets.
  • The seaweed also helps to make your lawns more hard-wearing and to cope better in dry conditions.
  • Soil Association approved for organic growing.

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