Seasoned Hardwood or Softwood Logs Netted Sacks (LOCAL PICKUP / DELIVERY ONLY)

Wood type: Hardwood Logs
Bag Quantity: 1


Seasoned Hardwood or Softwood Logs Netted Sacks feature:

  • UK sourced hardwood logs.
  • Seasoned logs.
  • Mixture of native wood.
  • Perfect for burning in your home fireplace or log burner to keep you warm.
  • Hardwood logs which will burn slow and have a high output of heat.
  • Softwood logs are a cheaper alternative and burn it a good rate.
  • A perfect mix can be to use hardwood and softwood logs which keeps the cost down and puts out a good heat output.
  • Ideal for pizza ovens or fire pits as well to keep you warm on a summer night.

Also available are Netted sacks of Kindling

This item is only available for in store pick-up and local delivery only. 

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