Jokari SECURA Coaxi No.1 Cable Stripper (4.8-7.5mm)

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Jokari SECURA Coaxi No.1 Cable Stripper (4.8-7.5mm) features:

  • No.1 Cable Stripper is designed for quick and easy stripping of most common coaxial cable types with diameters from 4.8 to 7.5mm.
  • It is ideal for TV antenna cables, RG58 / RG59 and PVC-Flex 3x0.75mm².
  • The cable stripper has precision set stage 1 and stage 2 cutters which allow accurate and easy cable preparation.
  • It removes outer insulation without damaging the inner metal shield and features an internal integrated length scale.
  • Soft grip zones provide improved comfort and secure grip.

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