Jeyes Fluid - Outdoor Concentrated Cleaner - 300 ml & 1 litre

Size: 300 ml


 Jeyes Fluid - Outdoor Cleaner is a specially formulated disinfectant that kills 99.9% of germs & is ideal for a whole range of outdoor cleaning applications such as:

  • Clears & disinfects paths, patios & driveways
  • Deodorise & clean outdoor drains to freshen & maintain
  • Clean greenhouse, plant pots & gardening tools
  • Clean & freshen water butts
  • Hygienic cleaning of animal or equine housing
  • Kills both influenza & bird flu 
  • This is a concentrated cleaner that can be used both neat and diluted - please see dilution table on the back of the pack for more details as this cleaning product has many applications there is a range of dilution techniques to choose from 

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