Irwin SDS Speedhammer Plus Drill Bit 10mm x 600mm

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Irwin SDS Speedhammer Plus Drill Bit features:

  • Diameter: 10.0mm.
  • Total length: 600mm.
  • Working length: 540mm.
  • They drill exceptionally fast into brick, block, masonry, concrete and granite.
  • The patented, unique single flute design ensures efficient, speedy removal of dust and lower vibrations and 28% greater capacity meaning more efficient waste removal.
  • They have a patented extra-short drill bit head which means the head takes 80% of the workload, ensuring higher durability and speed.
  • Clears drilling dust directly into the flute, reducing the risk of clogging.
  • The bits have 25% more tungsten carbide for extra strength and they drill 25% faster than competitive drill bits with the same high durability.
  • In addition, they have more aggressive cutting angles and self-centring for faster drilling.

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