Handmade Hedgehog House / Feeding Station / Box



Here at Daymans we make a range of furniture and other outdoor items, one of these items are our Hedgehog Feeding stations. 

The number of hedgehogs in the UK has been dramatically declining over the last 10 years and having a Hedgehog Feeding Station in your garden is a great way to help out some of our native UK wildlife.  Hedgehog feeding stations have been specially designed so that you can leave food and other tasty treats for your shy & spikey visitors that are safe and secure from the weather and from other predators. 

Our Hedgehog Feeding Stations are made from natural materials and finished with a brown, weather protective wood stain which will protect it for 12 months.

As well as a place to feed these stations can be utilised as a place of shelter for hedgehogs to stop over on their travels. 

Each feeding station has a detachable roof so that you can easily refill food & water, and measure (approximately):  550 mm (22") x 280 mm (11") x 410 mm (16").

Our handmade items are customisable so please get in touch with the store directly and let us know what you need, and we will do our best to provide.  

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