Everbuild ASBO Anti-Climb Paint Black 5 Litre (Dented cans)

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Everbuild ASBO Anti Graffiti Coating Semi Gloss features:

  • Tins have minor damage to the can but has not broken the seal. 
  • ASBO ANTI-CLIMB PAINT is a non-drying, solvent free paint which remains slippery making climbing virtually impossible, deterring vandals, burglars and trespassers from climbing and entering private property and dangerous areas.
  • Suitable for use on drain pipes, sills, walls, fences and other areas which may be used as a grip point.
  • ASBO ANTI-CLIMB PAINT will leave difficult to remove black marks on offenders’ hands or clothing making them easily identifiable by the police.
  • 1.2-1.6 square metres per litre depending on the thickness of coating and substrate.

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