Doff - Multi-Purpose Lawn Seed +ProCoat - 250g & 500g & 1kg

Size: 250g


Doff  Multipurpose Lawn Seed +ProCoat is great for establishing new lawns or renovating existing areas and features:

Size options available:

    • 250 g - Covers up to 10m2
    • 500 g - Covers up to 20m2
    • 1 kg - Covers up to 40m2
  • Gives a superior lawn finish with a lush green colour.
  • Disliked by birds.
  • Direct sow seeds.
  • Easy to use.
  • An ideal mixture for overseeding in Spring and Autumn.
  • Procoat refers to a micronutrient coating designed to improve both accurate seed placement and initial growth establishment. 
  • The special coating ensures the seeds retain water and is therefore suitable for use across a wide range of ground and weather conditions.

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