Cut Brads / Clasp Nails - 15mm (5/8") - 40g pack



Cut Brads/ Clasp Nails are a traditional nail, square in cross-section and wedge-shaped. Further features include: 

  • Cut Brads/ Clasp Nails are made when they are sheared from steel, this gives them increased strength and durability 
  • Nail size: 15mm (5/8")
  • 40g pack
  • Cut Brads/ Clasp Nails are often used in conjunction with woodworking projects as their shape and flat rectangular point allows them to punch their way through the fibres of the timber, reducing the risk of the wood splitting
  • Cut Brads/ Clasp Nails are frequently used for flooring, skirting, wooden door and window frames, and fixing timberwork onto lightweight blockwork 

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