Alphachem Pure Anti-Mould Silicone - Pure Clear, Pure White & Pure Ivory

Size: Pure Clear


Pure Anti Mould Silicone is a high quality, waterproof, superior anti-mould silicone suitable for most sanitary sealing & areas of high humidity.

A fast curing, 100% silicone, Pure Anti Mould Silicone comes with a 10-year guarantee to stop black mould growth, ensuring the product stays bright & clean.

Pure Anti Mould Silicone is also resistant to temperature extremes & ageing, will not crack or discolour. 

Ideal for: 

  • Glazing and bonding in shower cabinets during production
  • Filling joints between tiles, tub and shower cabin during installation
  • Filling joints between bathtubs and tiles after production
  • Waterproofing sinks, baths, showers and other similar plumbing applications
  • Withstands detergents, cleaning agents and chemicals

Available in colours:

  • White
  • Clear
  • Ivory 

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