Abus - Rock 83



The ABUS 83 Series Rock Hardened Steel Padlocks have a body and shackle made from hardened steel, chrome-plated with Nano Protect coating for extreme corrosion resistance and features:

  • Fitted with a 6-pin tumbler cylinder that features anti-pick mushroom pins, which helps to resist picking.
  • The padlock is fitted with a patented 'Z-Bar', can be adjusted to operate key retaining or non-key retaining, automatic locking or key to lock.
  • Ideal for securing valuables/goods of greater value or at a high risk of theft.
  • This ABUS 83/55 Rock Hardened Steel Padlock has the following specification:
    • ABUS Security Level: 9.
    • Shackle Width: 25mm.
    • Shackle Height: 37mm.
    • Shackle Diameter: 11mm.
    • Overall Width: 55mm.
    • Overall Height: 102mm.
    • Overall Depth: 25mm.

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